The Royal Military Canal - Walking the Canal Over a Weekend
Walking Picture 1

The start of the canal at Seabrook

Walking Picture 2

The end of the canal at Cliff End

Walking the canal over a weekend

For the really serious walker it would be possible to walk the entire length of the canal in a day. However most people would find walking the canal over a weekend a more appealing challenge, especially as the tree lined banks of the canal on a sunny day encourage resting a while to enjoy the quiet and wildlife.

This page provides the information you need to walk the canal over a weekend, returning to your start point each day. However, whatever your chosen method of walking the canal, this page has information that will be of use to you.

Day one

Start at Folkestone West railway station and make your way to the Royal Military Canal by crossing the road and walking down Audley Road. Cross over another road and walk to the end of Eversley Way where there is a footpath. Follow this until you come to another road, cross over and follow the path downhill and as it branches left. Continue on this path through Enbrook Park until you come to Sandgate High Street. Turn right and follow the sea wall to the start of the canal at Seabrook. From here follow the Royal Military Canal Path for approximately 14 miles (22 km) until you come to Hamstreet Bridge. Turn right here and walk alongside the road into Hamstreet, past the Duke’s Head pub, until you come to Hamstreet railway station. Get the train to Ashford International, where you will need to change to get a train back to Folkestone West. For more information on train times click here

Day two

Recommence your walk from Hamstreet railway station. Turn left out of the station car park and follow the main road until you reach the canal, at which point turn right and walk along the Royal Military Canal Path which will lead you, via Appledore, Iden Lock and Rye, to the canal’s end at Cliff End. A distance of approximately 14 miles (22 km).

The best way to return to Hamstreet from the end of the canal is to catch a bus from Pett Level to Rye railway station, and then take a train from Rye to Hamstreet. The bus stop on Pett Level is opposite The Smugglers pub which is about 100 metres from the end of the canal. Alternatively it is possible to get a train from Winchelsea station which will take you directly to Hamstreet.

For information on the local bus service call 0870 608 2 608. For information on train times click here

Of course it is possible to make an over night stop, in which case Hamstreet would be a suitable place. It is approximately halfway along the canal and has a range of services including shops, a restaurant, a pub and a choice of accommodation. For more information on Hamstreet and what’s on offer click here